Review: V-Commandos

Review: V-Commandos

Daren Hutton

Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 30-180mins

Age: 12+

V-Commandos is a cooperative WW2 stealth board game for 1-4 players. In the game, each player takes control of an Allied Black-Ops commando sneaking behind the German lines to complete a series of secret missions.

Before you start playing you can choose a pre-generated scenario or make your own by combining different objective cards. You can also link together scenarios to play through a narrative campaign.

During play, each player moves their character around the board, using the environment, equipment and their special abilities, whilst trying not to be seen by the German soldiers that randomly move around the board. If you get spotted the game changes into much more of a combat-heavy skirmish game; but you will quickly become outnumbered and overwhelmed by the enemies. To win V-Commandos it is best to stay hidden in the shadows for as long as you can!

V-Commandos is an excellent game that recalls classic stealth video games like Metal Gear Solid and Assassins Creed (The publisher; Triton Noir, is actually making the official Assassins Creed board game based on V-Commandos).  A brilliant and addictive co-op game that will make you want to try those missions over and over again.

Perfect for those who want:

Solitaire Mode


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