Review: Patchwork - Sweet, Simple & Strategic

Review: Patchwork - Sweet, Simple & Strategic

Daren Hutton2 comments

Number of Players: 2

Playing Time: 15-30mins

Age: 8+

In Patchwork, players compete to make the best patchwork quilt.  It doesn’t sound like the most exciting theme but it makes for a brilliant and surprisingly tactical game.

On their turn, players purchase one of the various shaped patches from a collection available to them and put it on their own personal 9x9 board. To do this you use your own stash of Buttons which work as the currency and the victory points in the game, as well as the timer symbol on the pieces depicting how many spaces you must move on the main board if you choose to purchase that piece.

The idea of Patchwork is to fill as much of your board with patches as well as making a good stockpile of Buttons in the process. As the game plays out it turns from being quite a gentle tile placing game turns to quite a cutthroat race to get the tiles you need and stop your opponent getting the ones they want. At the end of the game the winner is the player with the most buttons - however you subtract 2 buttons for every uncovered space on your board - meaning that if you play it wrong you can end up in negative figures for your final score (which I usually do).

Patchwork is a great,  easy to learn but difficult to master game for two players. A perfect filler game that you can easily get a couple of games into an hour!

Perfect for those who are looking for something...:

Easy to play
2 player


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