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You are the founder of a new village during the middle ages, in the years after a great plague. The loss of so many people has created big problems for the survivors. Many of the people the villagers used to depend on for essential things like food, shelter and clothes are gone. Craftsmen find themselves without suppliers of raw materials, traders have lost their customers and many have lost their farms and workshops as they escaped the plague.

The roads are full of refugees seeking a new beginning. They come to you, hoping to settle down on your land and make a living. Your grain farm is the ideal starting point for a village, reliably providing food for many people. You must choose wisely who you allow to settle with you, as your food and resources are limited.

The people on the road have valuable and unique skills, but they all in turn rely on other people with very specific crafts to be able to work. Raw materials, tools and services must be provided by other people from the road.

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Sock Zombie

Great Introduction to Card Games

As someone who has played very few card games I found this one easy to follow, set-up is very quick after doing it a couple of times and games are usually over pretty quickly (a two-player game lasts roughly 25-30 minutes). As players village are visible to all players, others could very easily take cards that another player needs just mess with them (hate drafting). Other than this there are no others ways to mess with other players, which makes this a great introduction to card games. If you want more ways to interfere with player plans there's always the expansion pack which introduces many things, including a "Scoundrel" set. Rules are easy to follow and a "Clarification" page at the back of the rule book clears up most questions. All-in-all this is an excellent addition to anyones collection and is a real gem at a good price.

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