The Artful Dodger Game Booster adds the nimble-modded Series II Firefly to your games of Firefly: The Game.

The Artful Dodger starts with a faster drive core and trades in some Cargo Space for bigger Crew Quarters, making it a good ship for misbehaving in!

This game booster expansion includes everything you need to ship out in the Artful Dodger, including 1 Firefly Playing Piece (Turquoise), 1 Custom Dice, 1 Artful Dodger Ship Card and 1 Dodger Specific Mark II Drive Core Card. With this booster you can now take games of Firefly: The Game up to five players (or even more with the Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters expansion)!


+ The Artful Dodger was originally released as a promo item which included the Artful Dodger ship playing piece and matching ship card only.

+ The promo item was only obtainable in two ways: Originally it was released as a promo with issue #162 of GTM (Game Trade Magazine). It is also included as standard in the English First Edition (larger box) version of Firefly: The Game, in the German Deluxe Edition and also in the Spanish First Edition.

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Firefly: Artful Dodger Booster

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