Terror From The Grave Board Game Expansion by Van Ryder Games. Includes vignette expansion.  Requires Final Girl: Core Game to play (sold separately). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Some of you've dealt with the birds, now what will you do with the Zombies. Find out in this all-new Vignette Film box that can be played in combination with ANY location! Zombies in Space anyone? Zombies in the Arctic? No, not the poor people of Maple Lane, haven't they been through enough?!?!?!

The Vignette requires both the Core Box and one of the Feature Film Boxes to play the game. The Vignette provides the unique Killer and one Final Girl, and the Feature Film Box provides the Location.

Great choice in selecting Final Girl: Season 2 Terror From the Grave? Not sure if its for you. check out reviews before you buy.
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Final Girl: Season 2 Terror From the Grave

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