Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series 1 RPG Minis

Expand your RPGs with a huge collection of beautifully sculpted fantasy Heores, Villains and Monsters!

Fantasy Series 1 Core Box;
1x Female Human Barbarian    1x Male Human Cleric    1x Male Dwarf Fighter    1x Male Gnome Rogue    1x Female Halfling Bard    1x Male Elf Paladin    1x Female Elf Monk    1x Female Dwarf Druid    1x Male Half-Orc Ranger    1x Female Half-Elf Wizard    5x Goblin    5x Kobolds    5x Orcs    5x Zombies    5x Trogladytes    5x Gnolls    5x Giant Rats    5x Giant Spiders    5x Skeletons    5x Imps    5x Oozes    5x Giant Worms

Fantasy Series 1 Stretch Goals;
1x Huge Dragon Miniature    12x Altar Quest Lurker Cards    1x Vampire Lord        5x Werewolves    1x Male Dwarf Barbarian    1x Female Elf Cleric    1x Innkeeper    1x Male Half-Elf Fighter    5x Bandits    1x Female half-Orc Rogue    1x Lich Lord    5x Ghouls    1x Large Demon Lord    1x Male Elf Bard    1x Female Gnome Paladin    5x Harpies    1x Street Vendor    1x Male Halfling Monk    1x Male Human Druid    1x Large Dire Bear    1x Female Dwarf RAnger    5x Bugbears    1x Male Human Wizard    1x Constable    1x Female Elf Barbarian    5x Ghosts    1x Male Gnome Cleric    1x Female Human Fighter    1x Large Ogre    5x nholy Knights    1x Male Elf Rogue    1x Female Dwarf Bard    1x Male Dragonborn Warrior    5x Cultists    1x Male Half-Orc Paladin    1x Demonkin Assassin    1x ale Human Monk    5x Gas Serpents    1x Female Half-Elf Druid    1x Male Halfling Ranger    1x Large Troll    5x Dire Wolves    1x Male Dwarf Wizard    1x Male Half-Elf Barbarian    1x Large Shambling Mound    5x Constructs    1x Female Dwarf Cleric    1x Female Halfling Fighter    1x Large Earth Elemental    5x Banshees    1x Female Human Ranger    1x Male Half-Orc Bard    1x Large Water Elemental    5x Wild Boars    1x Female Human Paladin    1x Male Dwarf Monk    1x Large Fire Elemental    5x Gargoyles    1x Male Gnome Druid    1x Female Elf Ranger    1x Large Air Elemental    5x Mummies    1x Male Elf Wizard    1x Female Dragonkin Warlock    1x Large Naga    5x Giant fire Beetles    1x Male Demonkin Sorcerer    1x Huge Giant Miniature
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Fantasy Series 1

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