Startropolis: Second Edition is a family friendly, modular 3-D space station building game where you not only get to build a space station in 3D, but try and earn the most money. Each turn, players buy modules and connect them to the existing space station. This creates revenue, and allows them to purchase more modules. The player with the most credits at game end wins.

The main rule changes from the first edition are that the end game now has a second income phase to make purchases in the final rounds more compelling. The module track rules changed to have players discard and redraw a new module if 3 duplicates are already in there. The module decks and factions had some clarifications and errata applied to them to help clear some things up.

You are the alien CEO of a galactic corporation and your masters have given you seed money to invest in the new joint space station. What will you purchase? A solar power monopoly? Luxury habitats? Will you outperform your competition, and prove your dominance?

This second edition of Startropolis includes all new art from Brian Patterson.

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Startropolis: Second Edition

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