Review: Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Review: Flash Point: Fire Rescue

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Number of players: 1-6
Playing Time: 45mins
Age: 10+

In Flash Point: Fire Rescue players take the roles of firefighters working together to save people from a burning building.

firefighters lined up on edge of board
(all lined up ready to fight fire)

There are two ways to play Flash Point: Family and Advanced. Before you start to play, you roll dice to determine where the fire starts and where the “Points of Interest” (counters that are randomly picked and could be someone to rescue or a false alarm) are on the board. In the Family version of the game, each player has a certain amount of action points on their turn that they can use to move around the board, extinguish fires or carry people out of harm's way. You win the game when you have rescued seven people from the building.

family set up for flash point
(family set up)

The Advanced game adds different roles of the players to take such as Rescue Specialist, CAFS Firefighter or Imaging Technician, each one with different abilities that can be used throughout the game. It also adds in Hazardous Materials, a fire truck with a fire hose you can use to extinguish multiple fires and an ambulance you have to get people to rescue them. There is also a vast amount of expansions available for the game that add new roles, new rules and new locations like an office block, a subway station and even a submarine!

flash point room with fire
(this room isn't doing so well)

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a game you will just want to keep playing. It’s challenging but even when you lose you always want to try again and again. The two ways to play make it perfect for new players and experienced gamers alike. If you are looking for a fun, easy to learn, cooperative game for the whole family, you can’t go wrong with Flash Point: Fire Rescue.

Perfect for those who want:

Solitaire Mode
Family Friendly
Cool Theme

You can buy Flash Point: Fire Rescue here

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