Review: Fungi

Review: Fungi

Daren Hutton2 comments

Players: 2
Playing Time: 30mins
Age: 10+

Fungi is a 2 player card game revolving around mushroom foraging. In the game, you are searching through a forest for different mushrooms to cook the most delicious meal. 

Fungi uses two decks of cards, the Day Deck and the Night Deck each one with different mushrooms and essentials like baskets, butter and pans, the cards collected at night are usually much more valuable.  During the game, players compete to collect sets of three of the different types of mushrooms or the different equipment that give players bonuses from the central row of cards known as the forest.   

To make things trickier for the players the central cards move along as the day progresses, a bit like a conveyor belt, with the last card getting discarded to the Decay Pile at the end of each turn, meaning that you will have to play very carefully to get the cards that you need to win.  The winner of the game is the player that earns the most Flavour Points by foraging and cooking the most delicious mushrooms as well as adding extra ingredients they have collected.

If you are looking for a two-player game that plays in under an hour but is still tactical and has a tone of depth, then Fungi is the game for you.

2 Players
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