An Update on Play Board Games in Regards to Coronavirus. (24/03/2020)

Play Board Games is currently functioning as usual, but obviously this may be subject to change.

Deliveries may be delayed depending on how our couriers are operating. At present, we haven't noticed any delays on our deliveries but of course the longer this pandemic goes on for, this may change.

Returns will unfortunately not be able to be processed during this uncertain period. All incoming returns will be detained until the pandemic has lessened, as we do not have the facilities to properly process returns due to staff shortages. Our standard returns policy has been amended during this time, so this will not affect your rights. Instead of our standard 60-day returns period, the returns period will extend to 30 days after Coronavirus is no longer a pandemic.
Unless it is absolutely necessary, please refrain from calling our office. We will be extremely busy during this time and may not be able to respond as quickly as usual, as we will be prioritising active orders. Please be patient with uss, we will always get back to you in due course and will ensure that we are doing our best to answer any queries as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
We will keep this updated to let you know the current situation as time goes on!
KickstartersKickstarter updates for multiple games have informed us that their factories remain closed. Unfortunately, we will be affected by the coronavirus outbreak in this sense and we will keep you updated in terms of when our kickstarters will become available.
Finally, stay safe and healthy and hopefully things will be back to normal soon enough!Play Board Games