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Grimoire Quest allows 2-6 players to take the role of powerful wizards in a massive all out war against one another to claim the lost pages of The Master Grimoire ( spell book ) to become the Master Wizard and rule the land.

The game contains 3 decks.
Wizard Relics: These are each players personal defense cards.
Narration Deck - Contains piece of story that is happening on the battlefield as well as a special rule for that round.
Action Deck: The core of the game play: spells, attacks, and special cards.

The game play is simple, each player chooses which wizard they want to be ( Fire, Shadow, Earth etc. ) Each player lays their wizard's 6 relic cards face up in front of themselves. Players then draw 5 action cards and follows any instructions on the cards if applicable. The round begins by the dealer reading the top card of the Narration deck which includes a small bit of story or an event that is happening on the war field. There is an action on each narration card that sets a special rule or action for that round as well. Each player has one opportunity at the start of the round to cast one spell before the round begins. After which players then each take turn attacking the defense relics of the other wizards in an attempt to disarm one another. Once a player has all of his relics "broken", they are "defenseless" and can then be eliminated once a player attacks them with a Mortal Wound card.

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